Manufacturer and Supplier of Stone Working Tools

Al-Orr Marble Masonry

These tools are the ‘Al-Orr’ brand marble masonry. They are made off 3/8” shank. The tungsten carbide tip blade ranges in size from 1/8” (3mm) to 3/8” (10mm). The tools are for use on marble, slate, sand stone and other soft stone. The tools come with three different striking ends; Hammer Head, Mallet Head and Pneumatic.

Al-Orr Marble Masonry
1/4 (6mm) Marble Masonry Mallet Head
3/8 (10mm) Marble Masonry Hammer Head
3/8 (10mm) Marble Masonry Mallet Head
1/2 (12mm) Marble Masonry Hammer Head
2" (50mm) Mable Masonry Pneumatic